"For I hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in. Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me." Mat.25:35-36

Date: Sun 2nd & 8th Jan 2005
Location: ICOG Church, 84 Cambridge St - Burlington MA 01803 USA

Ananth & Stanley & Jeeva & Soorya & Jeba
Bro Oswin Michael from Jesus Family Ministry, Edison NJ www.safne.com/nj
Please join us...

"And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." Mat.25:40

There are current critical issues:-
Generations have been wiped out
100 gloated bodies wash ashore each day
100s of bodies are stuck inside drains and gutters
Around 5000 indian fishermen never returned
Entire villages have been wiped out. 12-14 towns in Nagapatinam
People need clothes, food, shelter, medical & psychological counselling
The affected area cannot be reached due to destruction
Family bread winners are lost & businesses and livlihoods have been damaged
Women are left to protect and provide for their many children
Many orphans have been created

FACT Kanyakumari District is the most under developed district in Tamil Nadu and has the least government sectors and support. Also there is no real support from the govt, bigger NGO organizations like Red Cross. It is the local community that is helping people out. All the local Christian missionaries are organizing the effort and providing leadership.

LATEST NEWS & LINKS Trucks containing food supply and basic needs have been looted on the highway by thiefs.
Village and town councils keep the supply and lie to the victims that there is no aid.
Victims at sea coast are getting help, but displaced victims in remote camps & churches/schools are ignored.
Nearly all of the current aid is comming from churches, missions & individual contributions.
About 4 churches washed off with believers and pastors during service in Sri Lanka.
About 1000 children from a children home run by the SriLankan Tamil Refugees destroyed.
The dead are still stuck under sea, between rocks, some hanging on trees, some under heavy debris.
In Tamil Nadu, victims complained that officials made them sign a receipt of 5000 Rs, but handed them only 4000 Rs.
Indian Govt impose Rs1000,000 duty on tsunami relief material from Holland.
Couple arrested in snatching tsunami baby.
Rapists, kidnappers prey on tsunami survivors.
Help Urgently Needed. But no Whites Please.
Guidelines to check Tsunami-victims' abuse.
Guilt-ridden survivors at risk of suicide.
Camps shut down - Survivors on street.
WHO:150,000 may die from disease.
Relief denied to Indian islands.
Poverty rides high with tsunami.
As relief pours in-scams follow.
Maps: Trail of destruction.
No end to nightmares.


SAFNE (www.SAFNE.com)
We continue to plan ways to help the tsunami victims for basic amenities like food, clothes, medicines etc. thru our contacts to the affected regions. All the money is going to the victims with no administrative costs. Our website will report our contribution, efforts & success. Donations are tax deductible, contact tsunami@safne.com for more info. Please give your suggestions and ideas. You are most welcome to join the effort inperson in India/USA as we could use some extra hands. We have support from Oswin Michael of Jesus Family Ministries (www.safne.com/nj) and Pastor Joseph Simon from International Church of God (www.intlcog.org). We plan to connect other organizations on this effort. Below are some of the ministries involved in the relief. You may contact them directly or contact us jshaker@safne.com for complete info.

1) Jesus Redeems Ministry
They have visited Colachal, Azhikal and Manakudi in Kanyakumari Dist and gave them new dresses, apples, biscuits and drinking water. They have been praying to help these people by providing boats. At a village Edinthakarai in Tirunelveli Dist they gave essentials like vessels, stoves, 10.Kg rice nearly to 250 families. They have been praying to adopt 2 villages in Kanyakumari District which does not get any aid from the Government. Please pray for their efforts. Contact them directly or you can contact us for info.
Address:-Jesus Redeems, Nalumavadi, Tuticorin Dt, Tamil Nadu, India - 628 211
Phone : (+91) 04639- 235 315      Fax : (+91) 04639- 235 415
CLICK - View info/pics on their effot & Contact directly.

2) Name: Bro Oswin Michael (Tamil Nadu & Sri Lanka) Organization: Jesus Family Ministries (www.safne.com/nj)
Desc: Has direct ministry in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu.
Contact: [nj@safne.com / oswinmichael@yahoo.com / 1-201-432-1393]
Recommends that we support basic requirements like clothes, food, water & blankets. Make Checks payable to "The Love of Jesus Family Church Bayonne/Jersey City" (tax deductible). In Nagappatinam & Kanyakumari they plan to send relief through their ministry directly to the victims. They have 11 pastors in SriLanka, and they regulate help through them. If you are interested in buying things rather than money, then they can make arrangements for that too.
Click here to view progress of JFM's tsunami donations and efforts. More comming soon...

Click here to view photos of efforts in Sri Lanka by teams working with JFL, NJ. More comming soon...

3) Rev Rajan Chinnadurai - Christian Faith Ministries (Chennai)
Our home, office, dormitories and orphanage 'Hope Home' are only about 100 yards from the coast near Palavakkam in Chennai. Our teams are now working among the victims. Hundreds of children are orphaned in crude, make-shift government, temporary structures waiting placement. on October 28, 2004, after a 44-day fast He impressed upon our hearts to birth an orphanage called “Hope Home” in Chennai for fully orphaned children. We are set up to accommodate up to 55 children between ages 3 and 7 hoping to accommodate even more. On November 23, 2004 we dedicated Hope Home in a leased facility. Each child receives a welcome of loving hugs, nutritious food, new clothes, and a hot bath. Every member of the Hope Home Team, from the laundry assistants, teachers, “big sisters”, cooks, and cleaners are all graduates of our Dunamis School of Ministry.
The purpose of Hope Home is to raise leaders, men and women who, finding purpose for their own lives, will help lead this nation in every spectrum, politically, judicially, educationally, professionally, and spiritually and give hope to others. Oh, how God wants these children to know Him, the living God and to be raised in a place where they will be see how much Jesus loves them. God has plans and purposes for each child and He knows them by name. We recognize an opportunity of a lifetime at this pivotal moment in history to take in children and help them be established in the Word of God, experience love, and be educated with every possible skill so that they can rise up and occupy positions of leadership like Daniel and move this nation towards the living God.
Hope Home is a Registered Organization in the U.S. Funds and correspondence for Hope Home may be done through our U.S. Address;
P.O. Box 181, Pineville, NC 28134 USA
011-91-9840072732 / 011-91-44-2451-0277
(Please read links above for the situations of orphans).
Human traffickers preying on kids in Aceh.
Orphans don't want orphanages
Traffickers threaten Aceh orphans.
Sex-starved prey on children.
The most vulnerable victims.

4) CSI church of Peruvillai, KK Dt
This is one of our team in Nagercoil, Kanyakumari. They are providing victims of Kanyakumari dt with basis amenities. Currently they plan to select 500 families and plan to provide them a box to keep their first new belongings, with basic clothing. It costs around 100Rs/2.5$ for each person/family. You can decide how many victims you like to help.
Moses (Paulraj)  / Res: +91 (4652) 222952 / Cell: +91 (98429) 29952
CSI Church - Peruvillai, East Peruvillai, Nagercoil - 3.
Email: ngl-tsunami@safne.com

5) Name: The Pentecostal Mission, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari Dt, Tamil Nadu
This church is supporting 70 families with food, shelter and other requirements. These poor victims were improperly accepted by their own place of worship and the TPM has opened their hearts and home to these people who are more hurt by the Tsunami and rejection. Support & volunteers needed. More info comming soon...
Click here to view list of few Kanyakumari Tsunami Victims.

NOTE:- Apart from SAFNE, here are other known local organizations for tsunami relief efforts, contact them directly:-

1) United Sofwares Group
Rajendra Prazad, Des Plaines, IL 60016
Contact: rajendra.prasad@unitedsoftwares.com / asir.justifus@unitedsoftwares.com / Sada.Shivam@unitedsoftwares.com / Suga.Dev@unitedsoftwares.com
Bank a/c # 680635570    Federal Tax Id #: 20-6392088 (for tax exemption purposes)
Check:-Tsunami Relief Fund Trust    C/o J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.
1800 South Naperville Road - Wheaton, IL 60187
Wire:- A/c Name: Tsunami Relief Fund Trust   A/c #: 680635570   Aba/Routing #: 071000013

2) Name: Pastor Joseph Sapienza and Prashan Gomez
Organization: CICAG (Celebration International Church AG), Wayland MA (www.CICAG.com)
Contact: http://www.cicag.com / http://home.comcast.net/~prashan.gomez/Tsunami.htm
Contribution checks can be marked "Sri Lanka Relief" (Tax deductible)

3) Name: SLANE (Sri Lanka Assoc of New England)
Website: http://www.slaneusa.com
All funds will be routed through Oxfam who is already on the ground providing services to the victims.
Name of Fund: Sri Lanka Assoc of N.E. Tsunami Relief Fund (Non-profit tax id 04-3470555)
Account No: 95-10355312, Bank of America branch
If wire transfering funds: Bank Routing No. 011000138
(Wire transfers from West Coast add, "Formerly Fleet National Bank", International Routing# FNBBUS33

For more info email tsunami@safne.com