Krupa Ministries

Old 10-B, New 19, Thiruvalluvar Street, Mehta Nagar, Chennai 600029.
Phone 91-44-23741948,2 91-44-23744934,

Krupa is a charitable trust registered at Chennai. Krupa is a mission to the forsaken and the forgotten- to nourish their bodies, inspire their intellects and cherish their souls. Established in 1995, it is now more than a decade old. Its clients include, leprosy patients, gypsies (called Nari Koravas here), commercial sex workers, prisoners and rural poor untouchables.

Krupa is currently working among 15 leprosy patients’ colonies, eight gypsy colonies, four poor rural communities, the Central prison and the Juvenile Home at Chennai and with children of commercial sex workers, HIV positive people and visually challenged people. All these communities and groups live in and around Chennai within a radius of about 70 kilometres. Currently our clients total over 2000 families.

Krupa believes in holistic development of the community and therefore works at providing where necessary:
  • Healthy and nutritive food and training on nutrition, health and hygiene.
  • Education and Child support/ care
  • Training and counseling of young adults
  • Empowerment through vocational and computer training
  • Assisted study centres for rural first generation school goers for after school hours study.
  • Building houses and community centres to encourage and empower communities with a sense of self-esteem and worth.
  • Delivery of medical care and attention at their colonies through periodic medical camps.
In short, we believe in working for such communities, with these communities, in these communities, teaching, touching and transforming lives.

Our current projects include:
  1. A Home for 50 children of our client communities with excellent facilities for their complete development.
  2. Regular Medical camps at every client community. Surgical intervention where needed.
  3. Placement and follow up of close to 800 children from these communities in homes and schools where they receive free education, board and lodge.
  4. Vocational training centers for young men and women of our communities in computer usage, application packages and languages, screen and textile printing, weaving, tailoring and embroidery, bag making, craft etc. These have recently been amplified with courses in pre–primary teacher training and health care assistantship into the Krupa community college in the current year.
  5. Building low cost houses at leprosy and gypsy colonies. So far more than 65 houses completed. Ten more are expected to be put up in the current year.
  6. Two multi purpose community halls have already been built in two colonies. Two more are expected to be completed in the current year with assistance from the government.
  7. Three Assisted Study centers for poor rural communities benefiting about 380 children with after school hours tutorial support along with a nutritious snack
  8. Day care centers at 3 gypsy colonies, one leprosy patients colony and one rural socially marginalized colony. These centers provide breakfast and lunch and train children in hygiene apart from basic grounding in reading, writing and arithmetic. About 300 children receive this support.
  9. Empowering women through formation of self-help groups, assisting them in setting up micro businesses and providing them skill training where necessary. Currently 27 such self-help groups are in operation.
  10. Counseling young adults through camps where life coping skills, leadership training and communication skills are given. Assistance in job placement is offered where necessary.
All these activities are carried out with an overall Christian perspective of showing Christ’s love in action, thereby providing the catalyst for transformation, empowerment and enlightenment in the communities.

Krupa is managed by a board of trustees which includes a former Bishop of the Church of South India, Educators and Social workers. Krupa’s acoounts are subject to statutory audit each year and are submitted to the government. Donations in India are subject to exemptions from Income Tax.